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hey everyone.. i came across this community & i'm really glad.
i'm 17 & i've been dealing with anxiety my whole life..
about 2 years ago i started trying medicine for it..
i tried paxil then went to zoloft. in a years time,
i gained over 40 pounds! ughh. so i stopped taking them because clearly they made me even more unhappy.
i'm still coping with it, some days are better than others. but it gets tough in school & when it comes to driving.. i get so anxious when i'm driving and cant drive places too far. does anyone else have this problem?
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I definitely had driving issues. In fact, the thought of driving made me freak out even before I had any serious problems with anxiety in general. I've been driving for over a year and a half, and I only started venturing on the highway (only when I'm by myself, and only certain roads at certain times) a month or two ago...
I have been dealing with Anxiety since 1999 and I had not initially had problems with driving as a result of my anxiety until... having a massive anxiety attack while driving. Now as far as my anxiety goes that is about the only thing I have been fearing recently. I wish I had some advice for you to make it stop.All I have is advice to sooth things a little so that you can get through it without too much anxiety. I just try to keep driving and telling myself that I will be ok, and that I am almost to my destination. Usually rolling down the window (Even in the dead of winter) is helpful for the cool air. AC sometimes works, but not always. Drinking nice cold water also helps. (I always have a water bottle with me.)And for some strange reason, flipping the stations on the radio seems to distract me a little too.
I hope this rant of stuff was helpful. I hope that someday noone will have to feel the things someone with this disorder feels. I hate letting it rule my life. For now I am doing better not letting it except in the driving arena.