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New to herbal remedies and the community

First of all, hello to everyone! I just joined the community and have been enthralled in reading everyone's introductions.

I weaned myself off Lexapro just over 2 months ago. I have dealt with depression and anxiety my entire life (i'm 32 by the way)but only began taking medication last September, as I didn't have health insurance until then.

The main reason I began weaning myself from the Lexapro was because I quit my job of over a year (the one that I had health insurance through) and I could no longer afford my prescriptions. But then after reading more about herbal remedies, I decided to go to the local health food store and start asking questions.

After being off the Lexapro for a month, my symptoms returned worse than ever. Things got to the point where i'd even black out from time to time, that's how bad the anxiety is. Not to mention the depression, which is like fighting a rabid bull.

Anyway, upon some research at the health food store, I left there with a bottle of "Happy Campers". The main ingredient in these is Kava Kava, and I have been taking two a day for a little over two weeks now. The lady at the store was correct when she said i'd notice them working in my system almost immediately. Within three hours after taking my first dosage, I could feel a sense of calmness that I hadn't felt since being on the Lexapro(30mg/day).

Since learning about herbal remedies, I've really wanted to deal with my depression and anxiety without any medication. I am very happy to have found the Happy Campers and will be taking them forever if need be. Don't get me wrong, they are NOT a replacement for the Lexapro by any means, because I still have good days and bad days. However I'm having more good ones than bad. The Lexapro did calm me down and keep me under control, but again, money wise and health wise, i'd prefer to go the herbal route.

I just wanted to give that tip out to anyone who has been suffering as I have, and would like to try an herbal remedy. Hope you have as much success with them as I'm having.
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