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hey guys!

Hey all, I don't know how much history I should write, but it's a novels worth so I'll keep it short. I'm currently trying to get off Edronax (reboxetine) and I really don't want to go back on meds. I've been forced to try Zoloft and Aropax (paxil) in the past and have had adverse reactions, with Aropax I ended up in E.R!

I've been on Edronax for about three months and forgot my dose one night, the next day I felt great (it's a 12 hour life med). So I didn't take it the next morning, or the next night. My doctor said if I was coping well then to keep at it but the next day was a different story - I woke up in a panic not unlike the panic I got when trying to start Aropax. It was terrible, I was stuttering and shivering and just completely overwhelmed.

I'm fairly good with coping with anxiety and panic attacks, I still get them regularly but my mental approach has improved, however this doesn't help with drug-related anxiety or panic attacks. I took my meds as soon as that happened and a couple of valium and after a few hours, came right. I was extremely depressed for the rest of the day, I'm not sure whether it was chemically to do with withdrawal, or just disappointment.

Anyway, I was on 4mg edronax twice a day, I presume no one here takes it - I'm having a lot of trouble finding people to relate with about this drug as it's fairly new here in Australia and I don't think it's available in the states. I'm cutting my night pill down to 2mg and when I handle 4mg/2mg daily, I'll start on 2mg/2mg and taper off that way. I'm handling this alright (only been doing it a day or two), tingling in my brain, quite depressed and anxious feeling in chest but not too bad. My mother recently came off a supremely high dose of Zoloft, that she has been on for well over ten years, with the aid of homeopathic medicine so I'm curious as to whether it might help me (I have trouble figuring out whether it might be psychosomatic or real!)

I'm just so bloody scared that I won't be able to cope and that I really do need these meds, which is ridiculous because I swore I'd never let myself get on meds and here I am, just wanting to get off. So I don't know, if anyone can help me with stories of their own with withdrawal from meds, dealing with depression and anxiety after coming off them. Mostly, I'd love to know of IRL support groups in Australia, something I could take myself along to - but I'm not coming up with much on the 'net. Basically, anything you can throw my way that you might think will help me.

Thanks for reading :)
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